Android App Bug "Saved Word Meaning"

I will post original post link below, I just wanted to post this here so the developers get word of it.

It appears the Android app does not call for the “new line”/“return” button to be displayed for the “word meaning”. It works on the bottom of that screen for “notes” but not for “word meaning”.

I did post a couple workarounds but it’s a feature I’d recommend including, having multi line is useful and the website & Apple app has that option.


Totally agree. I would love to have this feature.

BTW, I also noticed multi line is not available either for the new sentence note feature. Would be great if it could be implemented on browser + apps as well.


Thanks for your feedback. We will look into it.


It is a useful feature. For instanse, If I want to add a meaning, some examples and synonym The futeare would help to seperate them into different lines.
Thank you Krisnd for reporting this issue.

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