Android App and website feedback

The ‘edit profile’ link on my profile page just goes to the same page. I worked out you had to go into settings to edit my profile. Not that obvious

Ok, so the android app I can’t import text to create a lesson?

I saw when I signed up something about tests? Do only some lessons have tests, flash cards are ok though,

LingQ in general is really clever, and using it through the website is much better, but the android app and using the site on a mobile browser is not so good. For example the site should be truly responsive on mobile. I imagine you’re getting some high churn on new users who only experience LingQ on mobile.

I was hoping to use LingQ just on my mobile but I’ll guess I’ll need to use the desktop site for now too.

Any plans to improve the app for Android? Sorry If this comes across as too negative.

I’ve only been using it for a few days but it’s already helped me to read several chapters of a French book, which I’d given up reading from a paper copy. Stopping to look up words as I went was a pain, but it’s so much easier with LingQ, and I can review those words, so I’m increasing my known words too.



Hi Joss,
Thanks, I reported the “Edit Profile” issue to our development team and that should be fixed soon.
For now it’s not possilbe to import lessons through the Android app.

Recently we released new iOS app which is huge improvement in both desing and performance related to previous version. We do plan to do the same with Android app and it’s work in progress.
If you are interested we can add you as Beta tester for new Android app so that you can try it and check how it looks even before we officially release it.

If you are interested just send us email to support(at) and let us know which gmail address you are using on your Android device so that we can set everything up for you.

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