Android app acting up

I’ve had some problems with the android app the last couple of hours. I’ve fewer known words, my “recent lessons” are lessons i did months ago, and I can’t access any lessons (it asks me to retry whenever i click on anything)

I tried reinstalling the app, restarting my phone, etc, but with no improvement.

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That seems very strange. I assume you don’t have a second account that you are logged in to on the app? Can you email support so they can follow up with you and get this sorted out?

Hi Mark!
No, I don’t have a second account. I tried logging out of the app and then in again, and it seemed to do the trick (I tried writing it earlier, but apparently, I can’t write on the message board from my phone without problems)


Same here

@Branners - You mean you had a problem but were able to fix it by logging out and logging back in? Be careful on the app that you don’t just click on the Get Started button without logging in. You need to log in first before using it. It may be that the new version caused you to get logged out of the app so you have to log in again. We will check that but, in the meantime, just log out and log back in if it’s not working.

Hi, at the time I meant that I was having the same problems, including not being able to write on the forum properly, as you could see. But I have since logged out and in again and all is good. Thanks