Ancient Greek and Latin Sources Spreadsheet in Google Docs

A spreadsheet that contains some text sources and some audio sources for Ancient Greek and for Latin has been posted to Google Docs. Here is the link:
Anyone with the link can add more sources to the spreadsheet, edit it and so on.

You may notice the format looks a lot like a spreadsheet Steve Kaufmann did for sources for LingQ’s alpha languages.

Because I have NO IDEA what I am doing in Google Docs, comments and suggestions are welcome.

Very nice, thanks for these. I have poor internet access for the time being, but as soon as I’m back online I’ll be sure to check out the links and add more of my own.

In the meantime, I’ve been meaning to write up a little post about Logos, a software program geared primarily for Bible study, but which I’ve found to be incredibly useful tool for classics studies (free Perseus!). Once I get some time I’ll write up why…

I look forward to your post about Logos. Anything that can help is welcome!

This is a good idea, donhamiltontx. Thanks! (I’m not sure if using tinyurl’s is a good idea, but maybe it’s fine. If you don’t want such long fields on the left, move them over to the end of the line, maybe, after a title and explanation.)

@ Ernie

I have thought over your suggestion, but I prefer the tiny urls. However, if I understand Google Docs correctly, you can modifie the spreadsheet, too. Feel free to add the long field and to move title and explanation to the left, if you want.

I also expect to add sources of sources, urls that aggregate other sources. Biblioteca Augustana, for example.