An idea for a future update

I have just shared two lessons in the Italian library and I wanted to share them with my friends studying Italian, thanks to the new feature “Share on LingQ”. This was a very useful add, but I think an improvement would be welcome. If someone has a lot of friends (I have more than 200, I think), it is difficult to remember who is studying a given language, so it would be good if, some day, only the members studying a given language were displayed in the “Share on LingQ” box, as well as in the “Invite to conversation” box. I don’t want to send the link even to people who are not learning Italian…
I know you are working at a very important and long-expected upgrade now, but maybe you could implement this in the future.

Interesting idea, this certainly makes sense. We’ll see what we can do to add this in the future.

Thanks for endorsing my idea, Alex!

Good suggestion Michele. We’ll see if we can make that happen.

For the near future: Can I add an idea too, would it be possible to have some html …at least bold and underline in speaking reports as it would make it easier to comment on pronunciation.

For the distant future: I really like the structured writing reports which make it really easy to correct writing, maybe in the future it would be possible to put an outline in the speaking reports, I try to cover the following: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interaction when summing up in the comments, highlighting specific areas that the speaker needs to focus on.

I fully support pinkdaisy’s suggestion for the longer term!

pinkdaisy, that’s a good idea. One thing you could do in the meantime is to create yourself a report template and then use it to fill out your reports.

We have a number of ideas that relate to pronunciation, and these suggestions are welcome and helpful.

@mikebond - We’ve now added your request to the sharing functions, so now only members studying that language will appear. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, Alex! That’s a major improvement even if I guess I appear to be studying all the languages except Arabic, because I opened all of them and maybe read the very first lesson in Chinese or Japanese. Am I right? I suppose you can’t do much for this now, but it would be great if only active members in the given language were showed some day.

I don’t know the exact algorithm, but basically it will only show members who have had activity in that language. From what I understand, opening a lesson and marking words as known will not trigger the switch to be moved to “Active”, but creating a LingQ in that language will.

Edit: I should also point out that it’s tough to restrict this to members with an activity score above 1. Often times people will take a break from certain languages, but they may still be interested in lessons their friends share with them even if it’s 6 months down the road and they haven’t made a single LingQ in that language (or on the site, in some people’s cases).

Yes, Alex, I understand it’s a problematic request…

I remember Steve or someone else from the staff mentioned the idea of allowing us to remove languages we are not studying. If you could do that, I would then be able to remove Chinese, Japanese and Korean from my list so that I am not showed as a learner of them.

The delete/reset language function hopefully isn’t too far off :slight_smile:

I had an idea some time back about creating groups and sharing content only within the group.

I thought specially of school classes may have problem sharing content to the whole community and could instead create a group, preferably by the teacher and having the students join this group which could be approved by the group creator. Perhaps this could also be extended to sharing vocabulary lists and special features of writing corrections …

I think it would be something that will ease the convincing of schools to consider lingq.

@I think it would be something that will ease the convincing of schools to consider lingq

As a teacher, I agree with wiesel. I think that would be a feature that teachers would appreciate.

@I think it would be something that will ease the convincing of schools to consider lingq

As a teacher, I agree with wiesel. I think that would be a feature that teachers would appreciate.

Thanks for the suggestion. Note, however, that a school or classroom could also direct students to another website and ask them to download whatever they need from that website for their own use.

However, there are other advantages to having groups. Teachers can more easily follow their tutors, or companies can follow their employees. Teachers may be able to tutor members of the group without having to offer their services to the whole community, or without their students having to buy points if they are on some plan.

We are looking at how to do this. Thanks.

@wiesel - That is something we know we have to do at some point for all kinds of groups who may have content they only want shared within their group. It is on our list but keeps getting put off because we don’t have a real request for the functionality. If we had a school or company interested we could build a system to do that fairly quickly.

About prononciation. I know that the phylosophie of LingQ is against to much explanations, but there are things that “don’t occupy space”, and can be found useful for some people without disturbing people that don’t find them useful. I speak particularly about transcriptions in phonetic alphabet on the cards, under the forms studied. I personnality would like it very much. Or at least that the stressed syllabe would be in bold.