An English learning group from China looking for partners to practice on skype

Hi, We are an English learning group from China. We are establish an english corner to allow people to pracitce english without any limitation.

English corner is a concept from China, where English has been taught throughout the education system. But most likely students from this system can read and write well, but are poor in speaking and listening. It is called “dumb” English in China. Students therefore group together to speak and practice in a small corner named “English corner”. Foreign visitors to these ‘English Corners’ are Foreign visitors to these ‘English Corners’ are relatively few but enthusiastically welcomed.

We are trying to build a virtual English corner online to allow you joining a Chinese corner online.

Please add my skype at: lishaofeng12

I would love to help. I’m a native English speaker and I’m always open to helping others with learning English. I am also interested in learning some Chinese so it works out well. :slight_smile: I will add you on skype and we can figure something out. I’m looking forward to it.

hi me too like to join with someone in a english coversation. Add me by skype. Id imam_sadiq