An Edit button?

I find it quite interesting that this forum doesn’t have an ability to edit posts- I often have to post a second post with the correction since I spot my mistake only after posting.

There was a brief discussion about the Edit function in other thread; you can see the pros and cons on that issue.


We have limited programming resources, and every little task takes time. We have to stay with our priorities. Right now all of the following are ahead of an edit button, and there are more.

  1. fix any glaring problems on the site and improve site speed.
  2. create more activity on site with members interacting and and tutoring each other.
  3. find ways to promote the site and to make it more attractive to become a paying member
  4. one or two really useful functions that we are working on
  5. more languages

and these are just a few.

In my last post in this thread, “in other thread” should read “in another thread.”