An "any language" or "other languages" forum proposed

I propose a “general” forum in which you can write in any language and about any language even if it is not included in lingq supported languages.
For instance, sometimes I’d like to share my knowledge and advices and links about Mayan language but I don’t want to “trespass” any forum meant to be used in other languages or for other purposes and I’m sure there’s a nice bunch of “weird languages” lovers who could also share a bit about 'em.
Love to hear what u’ll think ‘bout it.
Maybe something as "all languages’ forum" or “other languages forum” would fit?
Or maybe “Tower of Babel forum”?

Why doesn’t the “Open Forum on LingQ” work? Here you can post in any language on any topic. Just make your post title descriptive of the post content and people interested in your topic can find it more easily.

I’m not quite sure about it because of this: Open Forum: “Let us know how we’re doing. Ask any questions about the system. Give us your feedback”. I’m not sure, for instance, if I wanna share some lessons of Mayan language, or if somebody wanna share or ask something about Euskera grammar or exchange ideas about it this would be the right spot to do it. If it is so… problem solved… any admin giving the “green light” to it?

Good point! The description of “Open Forum on LingQ” might better fit this forum title: Open Feedback about LingQ"

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Good point, the forum descriptions haven’t been updated in a while. The Support Forum is the best place for people give us feedback or ask questions. I’ve updated the description of this forum to better match the type of threads that are posted in it.

We don’t currently have plans to add any new forums (and in fact are looking at potentially merging some in the future, as we have quite a few forums as it is already) so please feel free to use the Open Forum on LingQ for posts in other languages about language learning, etc.

Thanks a lot Alex.