Amusing article in The Guardian newspaper “I stopped apologising for my poor German, and something wonderful happened”

Ying Reinhardt Is clearly a capable linguist, with native ability in English and Malay, speaking Mandarin and Cantonese to her two sets of grandparents, and then picking up Italian and French through work and social life. But married to a German and living in a village in Brandenburg for the last decade, and having passed a C1 exam, she still has had her difficulties with German. She realised that she started every conversation with an apology “Entschuldigung, mein Deutsch ist noch nicht so gut”. That is until a recent breakthrough…
Frau Reinhardt describes her struggles in German and particularly her anxiety about speaking perfect German,
But she has a good quote from a Chilean classmate in her German class: “After 10 years of living in Germany, I no longer care. I’m not trying to be Goethe!”


That’s true even for native speakers of German :slight_smile:

BTW, it’s usually more important that people know what they’re talking about and have good communication skills than being “perfect” in a language. In short: knowledge / communication <> or >> language.