Amount of words in Daily Goal

I was wondering why the number of words to reach your daily goal is so low. Is it not like 13 words? If you only met that each day then your language journey is going to take many years indeed. If I don’t double my daily goal I feel as if I didn’t even do much of anything that day.

I think it’s 13 LingQs created. And double that gets you the ‘on fire’ symbol.

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Don’t pay attention tp a ‘daily goal’.
Do as much as you can!
Some members do 300 new Lingqs a day or even more.
But of course, the ‘new Lingqs’ and ‘known words’ are two very different things.
In my youth I was able to learn by heart 100 words a day, at the moment 10 new learnt words a day is a good goal for me.
But both in my youth and in my old age I enjoy learning languages - and it’s the most important thing for me, not the number of the words.


The number is low and you’re right that you really should be creating a lot more LingQs than that. But, we are trying to encourage a lot of users to build the habit of daily study. By having a lower target we hope to get more people engaged and hopefully from there they will start to increase their daily activity as they start to get into things more.


Can we change the daily goal target?

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No, that’s not possible for now. Daily LingQs Goal is same for all members.

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I just try and hit the known word goal (different depending on your level, its at 40 words for me now). As a result I generate anywhere between 50 to 200+ lingqs a day.