American English vs. British English

Covfefe must be an American English. What’s its equivalence in British English?


I don’t know, but I think I stepped in some covfefe today while on a run.

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Something used by inmates of Coventry Jail??


Note: edited comment, first draft was even sillier

Or ukipweather? True story!


There’s hope for you yet! :slight_smile:

If Corbyn wins the election, but needs support from the SNP/Lib Dems, then Brexit will be toast!!

Truly, the fool who wrote the Social Care chapter in our Conservative manifesto this year deserves to be taken from his cell in the cold grey light of dawn, tied to a wooden stake, and shot! Lots of times! Starting in the feet and working up!

Seriously, how did we screw this up? Starting from a 15-20 point polling lead 4 weeks ago!

(We still may find a way to squeak home, but I fear it’ll be tight!!)

Please don’t come back.

I sent off my vote a week ago. I’m looking forward to Corbyn’s blood-soaked communist take over.

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“tied to a wooden stake, and shot! Lots of times! Starting in the feet and working up!”

Can’t believe my eyes!

Some day Trump has to explain what covfefe means because he pretends knowing lots of words…

I could live with the bearded Socialist for 5 years - if he won fair and square.

But what we are at risk of is a Mr C minority government at the continual behest of some fringe nutters who are polling at 7% or 8%…

(Lib Dems, Greens, SNP…)

The word “coverage” is the same in American and British English. However, it’s typo-shortened form, “covfefe,” is of uniquely American origen.

“it’s typo-shortened form, “covfefe,” is of uniquely American ‘origin’.” I like it!

We all can try to figure out the true meaning of covfefe, as Trump tweeted.

My guess is that “covfefe” could well be “a cup of coffe” in small children language.

Maybe, when his children were small they used to talk like that:

Trump: Trump,Jr, would you go to mammy and bring me a cup of coffe?

Trump Jr: Mammy, daddy wants covfefe!

And now the word still used, specially when one of the children works at The White House (remember what Spicer said about “covfefe”!).

In late hours, a tweet would be in need of covfefe.