American English Pronunciation Podcast - a new English collection!

Hello all LingQ users,

I write this message here in order to tell you that American English Pronunciation Podcast is now uploaded to LingQ. This podcast is made by Seattle Learning Academy team. Their site URL is I think it is worth visiting. You may find there some other products and materials related to pronunciation, which cannot be brought to LingQ because they are commercial, but the price is affordable for most people. I found this site to be quite a useful resource. It helps me realize some aspects or nuances of American pronunciation which I can not hear by myself without help. This is not an advertisement. I really liked this podcast from Pronuncian. When I started to listen to it, I got many of my questions answered without asking anyone in person. Even though I listen to audiobooks and podcasts intensely and every day, I think it is useful sometimes to get a verbal description of how English sounds are produced. I’m not a consistent follower of formal approach to learning, but, in my view, some amount of structured information may be helpful. In my view, everyone has to choose their own combination of learning materials which best suits them. These podcasts are also a source of phonological terminology, but are not overburdened with it. I use LingQ flashcarding engine for reviewing new specialized terms which I want to remember for my further learning.

I have a permission from the administrators to upload this podcast to LingQ, but this is a temporary permission and it may be revisited in the future.

Collection URL:


Thank you Dmitry! That is super.

Thanks Dmitry. it’s cool!

Hi Dmitry. Thanks for sharing these contents :slight_smile:

By the way, I’ll try to update this collection because I myself am still having a great pleasure with learning from it. Now I’ve added four recent podcasts. Some of the podcasts are available in the video format which can be accessed from the original site ( or from this Youtube channel:

Short link is

Many thanks Dimitry.