Amazon Kindle And Polyglottery

We have had a Kindle-thread last year which was mainly about whether or not it is possible to install a Chinese dictionary on the Kindle. Since then Amazon has released new models of the Kindle and I have finally bought one too (I havn’t received it yet though). As a language keener I have some questions that I thought are probably best answered here. As language learners we are obviously interested in content in several languages as well as dictionary capabilities.

  • In the past I have had different Amazon accounts in different countries to buy Kindle books in different languages and read them on my PC Kindle application. But it was not possible to have all material from all acounts synced to my application at the same time. Is this the same for the Kindle device? Does one have to choose between accounts? Is there anoter smart way to buy in different languages but have all material on the same device?

  • Are there now Chinese dictionaries available for the Kindle? Does anyone have experience installing them?

  • What are good sources for (free) content, say pdf material etc? I am mainly interested in French, Spanish, Norwegian, Chinese, English.

I’ve got a Sony e-Reader myself. This came pre-installed (as standard feature) with university level dictionaries for Eng-Ger/Ger Eng; Eng-Spa/Spa-Eng; Eng-Fre/Fre-Eng; Eng-It/It-Eng. And it also has an Eng-Dutch/Dutch-Eng dictionary - but this is not quite so good.

I would certainly recommend ths device for learners of English, German, Spanish, French or Italian. You can just tap your finger on a word on the screen and - zing! - it opens a box at the bottom of the screen with the dictionary entry. One more tap and you can save it for later review. Magic!

The downside is, there is no way (so far as I can see) of installing any extra dictionaries for Russian, Chinese, etc…