Amazing sales pitch

Interesting read but way too long, in my opinion.

I think it’s a horrible sales pitch.

It reminds me of the way people my age and younger write.
I’m not saying by a long shot that every sales pitch has to be stuffy and full of business lingo. But I just think that is bad.

Of course, that’s just my opinion.

Oh my as I go further it is certainly a balding, middle aged man trying to be cool.

A bit too full of himself.

Although I like that page okay.

Lots of people write in this “oh so cool” way now. I get marketing emails from a business card design company that sound like that. Personally, I find it a bit grating, and it sounds like someone is trying a bit too hard to be trendy. But perhaps this guy really talks that way and in any case probably a lot of other people like it which is why it works I guess. If the guy’s method or service is good, we shouldn’t hold his marketing against him :slight_smile:

Personally, I quite like this “marketing style.” It gives it a more personal feeling, whether real or imaginative. It steps away from all of the aforementioned “business lingo” and it feels more genuine. Genuine in the sense that they /actually/ want to help you learn the language rather than just make money with a new “method.” However, it does appear to be directed toward a much younger demographic. I don’t think anyone past the age of 20 would relate to this kind of “pitch.”