Am I just procrastinating?

Once I read that the difference between an amateur poet and a professional poet is just that the latter try to write poems even if he or she is in no mood to do so. I wonder if I can become a “professional” person who post messages on the LingQ forums every day, although I know that there is no profession like that. But, strangely, I am always in the mood for posting messages on the forums. Am I just procrastinating?

try to → tries to
person who post → person who posts

I wish there were such a profession like “A poster (or a postist?)on the LingQ forum”.
Am I just procrastinating, too?

Well, it could be procrastination or a harmless little addiction or it could be that you really have something worthwhile to say. Then again, it could be a combination of the three.

YutakaM, hi!
Well done! I think, you have succeeded in studying the English due to daily messages!

If you are procrastinating, at least you are practicing your language skills at the same time, which is a productive thing. I am a big advocate of productive procrastination.

Do you have a tidy and sparkling clean living room around exam time?

I think I am procrastinating, but I am happy that nobody cannot criticize me for this because it is Golden Week in Japan.

Yep, my place always gets a cleaning around exams. Cleaning up helps you re-focus too.

Procrastinating by cleaning your place? Uau, I needed that willpower!! I usually procrastinate NOT to clean my office until the point that I can’t find anything in my desk… lol

@ YutakaM: Golden Week sounds like heaven for procrastinators. Nobody would want to criticize you, but are you sure you are procrastinating or simply enjoying what you are doing at the moment?
@ Anapaula: Perhaps you are not quite such a dreadful procrastinator as you think you are? As LauraDeux says, cleaning up helps in more than one way…

Golden Week has just ended in Japan, and I have begun procrastinating again.

Yutaka, I know from your other posts that you are familiar with “Getting Things Done” by David Allen. Every time I remember this book I hate it, as it reminds me…

Sorry? What does it remind you of?

Of my incurable procrastination. Sorry for not being clear.

Though I sometimes blame the book rather than myself. It might be just such a self-help book, that sells very well (for inventing the METHOD to fight procrastination) but cannot actually help. Well, now it has reminded me of Benny, but just in a very loose association :slight_smile:

There are professional bloggers. They get paid through the advertising revenue on their blog.

D. Allen must be running a lovely blog directed against procrastination. Is he indeed running one?