Alone (ish) in berlin!

Hello fellow Lingqers,

I have been on the long road towards fluency in German for nearly a year and a half now and Lingq has been pretty much my main tool, very much a convert, and would not have got as far, as quick, without it.

Anyway, had a few weeks at language school in Frankfurt last year and I am currently in Berlin for two whole months at least. I am going to a school in the mornings and doing some evening classes as well.

Anyway, I am 34, everyone at the school, as I expected, is way younger and so Im looking to meet like-minded language learners. I have a few friends here but not too many and of course, I want to get out there and speak as much as possible. I am living in Schoneberg, but am in Kreuzberg a lot also.

Hoping Steve is not the only one allowed to arrange meet-ups! Be great to hear from you


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