All Words Incorrectly Showing as Unknown

It’s wonderful that this course has been added to Persian but all the words are showing up as unknown for me.

Is there a way this can be fixed? I would like to do this course.

Thank you.

All new words should appear as blue in a lesson. What exactly is the problem you are encountering? Are you saying that you already marked same words as Known before?

Yes: I have 10k known words in Persian, so maybe at most 20-30% of the words for this course should show as unknown, but instead 100% of them are showing as unknown.

Thank you.

Can you please give it another try now? Thanks.

It still shows all the words as unknown. If I am the only one with this problem, I can just create a private lesson. The text and audio are not hard to find. Thank you.

I asked our content managers to look into it. It seems that something is wrong with that specific course.

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I just tried importing the PDF of a different Persian book and the same thing is happening - all the words are incorrectly being marked as unknown, but when I import the same text via an HTML page, it works fine.

Could the problem be related to how the text has been encoded? Outside of LingQ, I know sometimes that if a Persian text is encoded using certain fonts, it can cause problems. For instance, certain fonts make it difficult to search text using ctrl+f.

Yes, correct. The issue seems to be in the coding. We will see if we can find a solution for that.