All translations from my link disappeard

I opened my dictionary in the morning and i found that translation of all my links were lost. Can you help me with this problem?
I’m not very happy, because I’m planning to upgrade my account in near future and create much more links, then I have now. After this bug i’m a little bit afraid.

I’ve just noticed this as well. In the most recent LingQs I’ve done my phrases are saved but the translation isn’t.

I’ve got the same problem. Besides when you want to save lingq you need to do it twice, because the first time it get blank.

There is no cause to be afraid. As much as we try to test all improvements and upgrades to the system on our QA server there are sometimes parts of the code that are affected causing temporary problems. These problems will be fixed as soos as possible.

There appears to be a problem with the connection to the dictionnaries.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

We are working on some issues with LingQing which caused a brief period where LingQ hints were not displayed. These hints were saved in our system and are being restored now. The hints you created should be restored within a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your rapid answer.

Will my translations of the words back when these problems are fixed?

Yes your translations (hints) will be restored.

Translations was restored today’s morning, but than they have been missed again.
If I start to create new Lingqs will be my old Lingq restored again? Will new Lingq creation not damage my old, is it?

no hints in some of my lessons, the others are okay…

I lost some of my hints as well. I don’t try to use LingQ at the moment. I hope they’ll come back.

Is there a timeline for fixing this bug?

There are quite a few issues, and we’re working on fixing them. It’s not possible to give you a timeline, but several issues have already been addressed and we continue to work on those that remain.

Same problem for me! Some hints disappeared.

@Peteris - Is this still a problem for you? That was a problem but we think it is fixed. Please try refreshing your lesson page and trying again. Let us know.

It happened to me too, and for some of my lessons (I think the ones I accessed a couple of days ago), more than half of my hints are still missing.

I still have this problem. I add hints, save the LingQ, and the hint disappears. I’ve refreshed the page for about 20 times (vocabulary page).

On the lesson page there is a strange behaviour. When I add the hint, save the LingQ and hover over it I see the hint. When I reopen the LingQ the hint is empty.

Vera, is this for all lessons? Also, which language(s) are you experiencing this issue in? I’ve just checked and it seems to be working properly…

Yes, all lessons and all LingQs. It even happens when I’m using the link of the “LingQ of the day” email to review my vocabulary.

I’m studying English. My native language is German. I’m using IE8 but it happened with FF too (tested yesterday). I allway’s use the newest updates from Java. More information needed?

I’m unable to use LingQ for a couple of days now. I miss it!

Yes, problem is still here! In the email with LingQs of the Day all was fine - every word was my hint, but when opened this email in flashcard mode only 2 words of 25 was hints.

To get me right: The LingQs had hints before I reviewed them. After reviewing I checked them on the vocabular page, and all the hints of the reviewed LingQs were disappeared.