All progress erased... :(

I’ve used Lingq yesterday for the first time, and now, one day later it is as if I haven’t done a single lesson. My LingQs wiped, as well.
Luckily, i’ve only done a few lessons, but…

Hi there,

Did you click the “Reset Language” button on the Account page, by chance?

No, but i have installed the Lingq android application. It is behaving very strangely, and is my primary suspect. :slight_smile:
According to the application I have 1 Lingqed word (i had several dozen) and instantly starts playing my first lesson. (continues playing even after I select logout)

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Very strange. We’ll look into this to see what’s going on…

OK, we’ve now fixed this error and your stats should now be displaying properly :slight_smile:

Thanks. Is there a way for a user to backup his/her user state (lingqs, lessons etc…) ?

No, but paying members can export their LingQs at any time from the “More actions…” dropdown on the lesson page.

Just to clarify, the reason you didn’t see any lessons or LingQs is that you changed the language at the top from German to English. However, this also allowed us to see and fix another issue that appeared in your specific situation.

I dont think i did that, but im glad you’ve sorted it out. Export is a good feature, I think I’ll be using it a lot for flashcards. Overall, a great site/system (and a lightning quick support). Thank you for your help.