All my completed Lingqs were deleted

I’ve been going over the podcast Vida Sencilla for quite some time, with the goal of learning all the Lingqed words. This morning all 365 Lingqs for this podcast were renewed. I started fixing some of them, but that will take so much time. Actually, it looks like ALL of my Lingqs might have been reset.

In addition, my words-read count remains stuck until the entire lesson is finished.

I’m hoping you might be able to restore my account to yesterday.


Are you saying that all your LingQs disappeared from the Vocabulary page?

Hi Zoran,

Not all of my lingqs disappeared, but those in the podcast Vida Sencilla (Spanish) were turned into 1s. I had almost finished going through all the lessons several times each in order to learn that vocabulary. I started to fix them, but realized it would take me too much time to fix 365 lingqs.

However, I am now confused since if I select any of the episodes in Vida Sencilla, it shows the number of lingqs I have in each, but none of them show up in the text.

Thanks for looking into this, or explaining the problem.