All LingQs Completely Removed/Wiped

Good day,

Today I renewed my subscription; I’ve been a member on LingQ since March 2020. Usually, my account renews every March (I don’t recall ever having to manually do this myself).

I assumed last month my account automatically renewed, I had until yesterday full access. I.e. no reason to suspect anything went wrong.

Yesterday I was prompted to purchase a membership, I checked my bank account and indeed it did not renew. It seems there was a possible 2-3 week gap where I had full access without renewing? (This may be relevant)

I renewed my membership this morning. I note I couldn’t do this via the webpage (I received a server 500-error). I used my phone to renew. (Again a bug that could be relevant)

I have membership access now however all my LingQs have been completely wiped.

I have over 96,000 LingQs (Greek stats) but only 3 LingQs learned (from today), before that number was close to 35k! All phrases have been removed.

Whilst this isn’t a disaster it is odd and a bit inconvenient. Fortunately I don’t invest any time into creating personalised LingQs/Phrases.

Have my LingQs been wiped or are they locked in some database somewhere?


To add: my known words are still saved. I don’t need to re-add previously known words into my account.

Sorry about that, we do remove data on Free accounts unless they activate the Vacation plan. In your case, that shouldn’t happen that soon, so I asked our developers and they will restore your data soon. I asked them to take care of it.

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Thanks Zoran

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