Alex speaks Korean!

Just found: - YouTube

I didn’t understand nothing besides “Annyong haseyo”, but Alex is making me a bit jealous! He is such a nice guy, and he speaks great Korean. Watch the video!

My Conclusion: I have to study harder…

haha i’m going to watch it. I have been studying for a year and I can get some limited conversation. I’m going to be making a youtube channel soon to speak Korean and maybe get insight. I would appreciate some comments and suggestions to ;p nice work alex

@ hape: In comparison to me you are fluent. I didn’t understand a thing. Well done, Alex! Most impressive.

Great job, indeed!

Hehe, we’re planning on doing an interview in English today, so hopefully you all won’t be left in the dark for too much longer :slight_smile:

@Minjun_kr - Learning Korean is no different than learning any other language in that it takes time. If you really want to get GOOD at Korean, you MUST read. That’s been my weakness, but I’ve begun to read a lot more and I’ve watched my vocabulary expand significantly as a result of this. Of course, if your goal is to interact with friends in Korean then it is obviously helpful to speak often, but it depends on what your goal is – I can’t for the life of me read a newspaper in Korean (far too many Sino-Korean words for my taste). :slight_smile:

Most impressive. Great personality, too. Two thumbs up!


I am ashamed and I must admit that I can’t explain what LingQ is and how to use it in any language I am learning.

Alex, so you are in Korea now? The guy Hyunwoo is a celebrity. He pops up all over the place on the Internet. You should ask him to join LingQ!

Hyunwoo has been a paying member at LingQ for quite some time now, and he says often that he is a big fan of the site :slight_smile:

Hey Alex, thanks for the advice, Actually that is something I probably do alot. With these lingq lesson I have felt my reading comprehension increase faster than my speaking ability. I realized this is natural but now you say that, I wont be so worried about getting to much reading. I use to think I should be doing more speaking haha. My goal is to eventually be able to interact with friends and speak to people in Korean but also my long term goal is learning because when I go to college I plan on doing some sort of internation relations or teaching in Korea, i’m not quite sure. Maybe an international buisness degree. I would love to be able to work in Korea or at least be able to go there for my job. So i’m not quite sure but I know I’m learning Korean for a reason :slight_smile: its my pashion to come fluent :slight_smile:

Alex, why not suggest Hyunwoo to make some of his podcasts available at LingQ? (or are they there already?)

You seem to have made a tremendous advance in just 2 years. Do you have any tips on speaking?