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Is it possible to create an AI dictionary or implement a AI definitions feature using chatgpt on lingq? I think it would be extremely helpful for those moments when a regular dictionary doesn’t quite cut it. It would be extremely helpful in general not just for language learning,but learning in general as it would give you background knowledge on specialized terminology, or historical events and places among other things. Often the user translations are not correct and the dictionaries are not of much help depending on the language.


The meaning of a word depends on its context. Traditional dictionaries give a list of possible meanings. Perhaps a dictionary based on AI could give the meaning of the word in a given context. But then you should of course give the whole context when you ask for the meaning of the word.

Exactly, the AI definitions should be based on context, and be able to read/analyze the entire sentence before giving the meaning.

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Isn’t this basically what happens in sentence mode when you click ”Show Translation”? Since you can import custom material and go through it sentence by sentence and see a context translated version of every sentence, it must be auto generated? I was wondering myself how this is done and does some content have human translated sentence mode or is it all auto generated?

Yes but before it was using Google translate, and now deepl. I have found that AI does a much better job giving me the definition of a particular word or idea based on the context.
An example below:

“Reluctant” means not wanting to do something or feeling hesitant about it. In this context, it means that the person is not interested in reading and finds it difficult or unappealing.

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