Agriculture in Europe

I found an interesting web site in some languages about the Agriculture in Europa .
English :
German :
and some others …French , Spanish , etc…
bonne journée

These are great resources Jean Pierre. If you were interested you could record some of the French content and upload it to the LingQ library and earn points. The only problem is that the graphics will be lost. However when you provide the link to the site, people can go there to read it again with pictures.

Of course we would have to find out if the site lets us use their content. If not, people can still import it for their own use. But it would be great to have the sound as well.

There are 11 languages there, so people should go and have a look and help themselves to this content.

Can you find out if we can share this in our library, Jean Pierre?

If LingQ got the allowance to share the text, I could record the German version.