Again unable to import vocabulary with Firefox

During the last months I rarely make use of Lingq, at best one or two times in a month and only the vocabulary section. Can you give me a reason, why I should still pay if I can’t even use this single option one or two times a month? I wish it would work as good as you’re taking away hundreds or even thousands of my points.

(Coming within reach of deleting my account) Frank B.

I’m really sorry to hear you’re having issues with this! We spend some time back in August fixing some issues with the import, and since then things seem to have been working properly. Would you email the file you’re looking to import to support (at) so we can take a closer look and figure out what might be causing this?

Sorry, I didn’t get the message that you’ve already replied to my post. I have the same problem as the last time. I’d just like to import (write) single words with it’s definition, but when I click on the “import button” nothing happens (the pop-up window, where I can insert a new word doesn’t appear).

On the email notification, we recently updated our Forum Notification emails, and they’re now sending out of our email provider instead of directly from our site. It looks like you’d marked an email from us as spam (perhaps accidentally!) so they in turn automatically unsubscribed you. I’ve now resubscribed you, so you should be receiving forum post notifications, and you can control your email settings from the Settings page (

I looked back but couldn’t find the previous issue that you’re referring to - perhaps you could include a link back to this thread?

I went to the Vocabulary page and the “Import Vocabulary” button seems to be working properly. Here’s a quick screencast where you can see me clicking the button and importing a word:

If this popup isn’t showing, it’s likely to be an error on the page that is causing this. If this keeps happening, would you try to do this again then open up the Error Console and let us know if any errors are appearing there? You can access the Error Console using instructions found here: Using The Browser Error Console - Garden Gnome

It seems that I have solved this problem now. I’ve uninstalled all the addons of the browser and re-installed them shortly after. Then I’ve deleted the whole chronicle of my browser and all cookies. I suppose, that I had some problems with the java scripts. I couldn’t see the status of the words nor activate one of the vocabulary exercises or import any words.

Thanks for the update on this! It does indeed sound like it was a caching issue, but in any case it’s good to hear that it’s working again! Should you encounter any issue like this again be sure to let us know.

Thanks, I’ll inform you if I have similar problems in the future. This time it seemed to be the fault of Firefox and not yours. So sorry if I’ve been a bit too blunt. I’m currently passing a run of bad luck (concerning my technical equipment and other things). :wink: Have a nice weekend!

No problem, completely understandable! Glad you didn’t delete your account :wink: