After upgrading my account to "basic", why still can't import a article?

When I are going to import a article, a upgrade message appear:
“It looks like you are over your Import limit. Upgrade your account to import an unlimited number of lessons.”
Then I grade it to basic, and someone approve it.
But I still can’t import. Who can tell me what happen? Thanks!

These problems will be fixed as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience.

Ooops! Is there an import limit? I usually import a lot of stuff.

I e-mailed to the support section personally about this problem.

There is no limit for paying members. The Import section seems not to be working right now. It will be fixed shortly.

Because of the large amount of imported content that is building up on our servers, we have implemented a limit for Free members of 5 imported lessons. Unfortunately, this limit seems to be applied to all accounts. We are working to fix this. Sorry for the inconvenience.