After five posts: Captcha!

Why do I have to solve a Captcha after answering posts in five threads? This is ridiculous.

CAPTCHA: Analysn snowy

The system is a “gebranntes Kind”. It thinks that if we post five or more times in succession we might be bots or spammers, so it looks for reassurance that we are not. Just don’t take it personally! :slight_smile:

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Da gibt es doch bessere Methoden, oder wofür gibt es so viele Moderatoren?

CAPTCHA: andnZa know

Bei der jüngsten Spammattacke gab es zuerst nur Vera und die brauchte unbedingt Unterstützung, besonders als sich herausstellte, dass die Spammer das System bereits vorher infiltriert hatten. Deswegen ist alles ein wenig überspitzt im Moment. Ich weiß, wie schnell es passiert, dass man an seine 5-er Grenze kommt! Ich kommentiere oft viel zu viel.

The Captcha will appear, as Sanne said, if you post 5 times in quick succession. I notice around an hour ago you had 5 separate posts within a period of 15 minutes, so this was enough to trigger the Captcha.

The Captcha doesn’t show for paying members or moderators, as we can safely assume these are not spammers. It will appear for anyone with a Free account, but only after five posts in relatively quick succession.

It is a minor inconvenience, but it’s much better than what we had before, which essentially allowed an unlimited number of posts by anyone. This was responsible for crashing the site several times, and resulting in thousands of emails being sent out, so the Captcha serves as a very important deterrent for spammers, and shouldn’t affect most other members unless they are using a Free account and have a flurry of activity on the forum in a short period of time.

How long do I have to wait until this annoyance disappears? 24 hours?? Makes LingQ & the forum really unattractive!

Off the top of my head I"m not sure, but I think it might be 24 hours. We’ll see what we can do to relax the limit a bit, but for now we’re erring on the side of caution as we’ve had a string of spam attacks and want to make sure that we don’t open ourselves up again to vulnerabilities. You can, of course, use the rest of the site entirely Captcha-free :wink:

As Alex learned during his time working for CTU, terrorist attacks last 24 hours. No more, no less.

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