After 7 months with the lingQ method I can speak english

Hi guys , how’ve you been?
Today I create a mini-video speak english and portuguese.
I’m studying english for 7 months using the LingQ.
Sorry my mistakes.
To err is human,to forgive divine.


Portuguese :

Awesome Lucas. I liked both videos. Your English is awesome!

Great Lucas. You are very inspirational!! A+!!

I remember you from when you first started out on LingQ. You have done so well. (And I see that you have changed your user name!) Keep up the good work!

Congratulations Lucas!

But I was not so lucky.

After Eleven Months of Using The LingQ method I can’t speak english.

I’m still working on it.


As i see your vocabulary is very rich, maybe you should practising only in speaking skills and dont try to increase your vocabulary, which is enough to speak well in english.

I liked both of your videos very much, Lucas. I can hardly believe that you have managed to speak English so well after only 7 months. Every word in those videos testifies to your enthusiasm and love for languages. I wish you all the best for your further studies.

Wow! Lucas!!! That’s just so sweeeeeet! You look adorable, particularly how you show us that it’s just you, no script, no prompts, no cue-cards, no props whatsoever, just you speaking to the camera. Starting off with just a scattering of a few words to the above in seven months is just incredible. I just hope I can do the same with German. You’ve definitely made me determined. Guess that means I’ve got to the end of the year to achieve that. Way to go, Lucas! Congratulations!

Thanks for all.

I need say here that each of you are part of my success, part of my experience and I remember when the SanneT recommended for me the lesson “who is she” I can’t belive that it was 7 months ago.
Today I can say to everybody “it is real ,it’s become real in my life” learn languages is possible even alone.

it’s up to you.

Dear Tautvydasnba!

Thank you for your response. I really appreciate the advice you have given me.

I listen and read a lot. I try to speak a couple times, but I don’t feel himself to be ready to speak. Steve Kaufmann was given advice no pressure himself and start speaking only when you feel ready to speak.

So I continue listen and read a lot.

I hope to be ready to speak soon.

Congratulations Lucas!

Perhaps you could give some advice to people who are ‘stuck’ when they start to speak.

After 3 months of listening and reading, how did you move onto speaking? When did you start having conversations with tutors? Do you talk to yourself? etc.


Wow, I’m thoroughly impressed at how much you’ve improved over the past 7 months! Excellent job :slight_smile:

Excellent job, Lucas! You spoke beautifully. Keep up the great work!!

Hi Lucas!
Congratulations, great work!

If I’m not wrong, I remember you from the EnglishExperts’s forum, right?

congratulation Lucas.

Thanks again.

I’ll to answer some questions in my videos .

@norbafrombr Sou eu mesmo ,participo do lingQ e do englishexperts.

Good job, Just wondering, how did you use LingQ for 7 months but only make 43 LingQ’s? Your known words isn’t very high either. Did you use other methods of learning?

Hi, @guitario

I download the mp3 audio for my Iphone and print the transcript and I will study, write the words and phrases in my vocabulary notebook.
The computer draws my attention when I’m studying I’d rather sit in my room and study quietly.
I just use the method and the LingQ lessons.

That was extremely impressive! You’ve learnt all that in just 7 months. I’m not sure what to say, apart from I’m feeling quite jealous.

Impressive! Nice work!