Advice with flashcards

I’m just wondering if any of the more-senior members could offer any advice with regards to going through the flashcards. I know I’ve brought it up before. Initially, I was drilling all the flashcards and making sure that they were all in the 4 column regularly. Then I got some feedback and I realised that it was probably a waste of time spending too many hours doing it. Now I’ve been listening and reading for a while (particularly French) without even touching the flashcards section of the site (and enjoying it too!). I’m just wondering if anyone has any ideas with how to keep the two things balanced. I can’t be bothered doing the LingQs of the day because they are always 100 words each and it takes too long to go through it. It feels like the more LingQs I create the less likely it is that I will ever review those new words. Cheers.


I agree that it is not as much fun as listening and reading. However, my experience is that it is worth doing the 100 flash cards when you get them. Most of them are recent and you remember the context. I go through them quickly, and I go through them only once. I do not worry about making sure they all move to known. Every so often I go to the Vocab section and batch move a bunch of words to Known. I find that I have magically learned them.

My advice is to do them regularly but not too thoroughly or fanatically. But every one is different.

Ok, I shall try to get into a habit of doing that. Thanks for the tip.

Yeah going through them twice and having the whole 100 and forgetting a lot of them while going through them, we’d all be there for hours at a time. When I do do flash cards I also go through them only once, or I just pick out 25 and I might go through them twice… I don’t know, the flash card program doesn’t have many options and rightly so, it’s really just a necessary evil.

I go through the daily flash card list twice. If I should review them until all were moved to level 4, I’m pretty sure I would forget (at least) 50% of them a day later, so no point in that. I prefer upgrading them little by little, and having them highlighted in texts as a reminder.

By the way, it just takes a couple of minutes for me to go through the list. I know straight away if I “know” the word or not.

Thanks for the tips guys. I’m getting a better picture of what needs to be done.

By the way, I’m going on a trip for a two weeks, so you won’t see me around at all. I’m helping out with a charity event raising money for cancer. I’m going to be part of the support crew for a group of cyclists doing a long bike ride. If you’d like to know more, or make a donation, please go to … (I hope this kind of post doesn’t breach any policies at LingQ).

P.S. My activity score is going to be dropping down to a very low figure very soon… but beware, I’ll be back with a vengeance in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

…and in case somebody wonders, my latest “learned words” are usually several days (weeks?) old. That’s a result from not going through all today’s words until I know them perfectly. I think it’s better to review them a little today, next time they appear in the daily flashcards, and next time… I might mark them as known if I see them in upcoming lessons, and feel that I now know them.