Advice form French speakers/learners?


I am new in LingQ and perhaps French learners could help me with some suggestions?

I have intermediate level and I am looking good lessons in LingQ. I would like to read some longer texts, improve my grammar and vocabulary.

Do you have any suggestions what kind of course I could choose in LingQ?
Where I can find free audio material (texts, books, etc.)?
Any other suggestions how to boost up French quickly?


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Hello, siolike. Welcome to LingQ.

The following courses in the Library especially pleased me, and they may serve as starters for you.

  • Carnet de voyage, shared by serge33510. Serge wrote this log himself about his being stationed for one year on a remote island in the South Indian Ocean.
  • L’histoire de France, shared by serge33510.
  • One Thing in a French Day, shared by silverpen, diary of a Parisian woman.

If I were you, though, I would not limit myself to only the lessons labeled ‘Intermediate.’ That label is not precisely accurate, and it should be taken only as a rough general guideline.

You might try:

  • Boule de Suife, shared by dooo, Advanced 1
  • Les Celtes, shared by leie92, Advanced 1, especially if history interests you
  • Les femmes et l’histoire, shared by leie92, Advanced 1

Merci Donhamiltontx:)

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You are welcome. Sorry I misspelled your name.

I like to import the ‘Journal en français facile’ into LingQ. It is not actually that easy, but I found it to be a good resource. There are some other resources from RFI you may also find helpful.

Hello! In case someone else asks this question (and my search engine also gave this topic), there are very good French courses.

These courses are built on the principle of associative series and allow you not only to learn new words but also to memorize their image at once. This is the principle that children learn the language of their parents. They have only the perception of the external from the childhood, and therefore they are not tied to the fact that they would learn one language through the perception of the other. This is the advantage of this course!

I can not boast that I directly learned the whole language (I still can not even reach the level of the Intermediate), but he helped me very much to create an associative series, thanks to which I only looked at the subject recalling its meaning in French.

Rosetta Stone ?

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