Advanced German speaking buddies

Hello all,

I was wondering if anybody out there is looking for someone to practice their German with? I have my final exams at university this year, but my German’s been steadily declining since I came back to England and would really love to practice - and meet some new people along the way of course! I try to sign up for conversations regularly, but money is unfortunately really tight at the moment.

I’m about a C1 level, a tutor in English and flexible on times, being a student and all. English/German exchange would also be fine by me.

Let me know if anyone is interested :slight_smile:

LG, Kat

I wouldn’t might conversation section with you in German on any topic. felix.felixa = skype.

Hi Kat, Indeed I am a German tutor. But I haven’t possibilities for regular lessons. Nevertheless I could help you in your German study in exchange to your English knowledge, if you are interested in. And money is no problem. I am more interested in contact with English speaking people. So I have also contacte Ben yesterday - but without answer yet. I will add you to my friends.

Hi Kathryn, I would like to talk more regular with you as in the past if you are able to offer me a usual time slot. You could count on me to talk 30 minutes with you every week (maybe more). So you would earn points that you can use for your own study. It is like an exchange. You tutor me in English, and I tutor you in German if you want.

It would be great if we could build up learning groups. Reinhard, Annett and I are willing to offer group conversation and we started to offer some group conversations. The problem is to find a suitable time. And there are not so much students of German who are able and willing to speak. But I know that some students are interested.

By the way, it would be great if there would be more discussions times in English offered at afternoon and evening times in Western Europe. I can hardly find times that are suitable for me!

mine *

Let me know if you are creating advanced German group conversations and I’ll see if i can join in!

Hi Helen, I can offer a group on Tuesday or Wednesday at 8:30 pm (German time). That is 7:30 pm in England. Or in the afternoon starting at 4:00 pm on Tuesday or Fryday or 5:00 pm on Monday and Friday (German time).

There are a variety of ways for members to contact each other for the purpose of communicating in different languages. You may wish to make your email address or skypename visible to all, or only to friends etc. in your profile. You can indicate your interest in language exchanges on your profile. You can contact people by writing on their walls to initiate contact.

We also offer a structured approach to discussion through LingQ which we feel has a number of advantages.

  1. Some people just want to speak in the language they are learning and do not want to tutor.
  2. Some people just want to tutor.
  3. Most people in fact do both, but prefer to schedule activities using the LingQ platform.
  4. The discussion reports on LingQ are more easily integrated into the LingQ learning system.(this is something that I really appreciate since it gives me time to reflect on my errors after the discussion, something that is difficult to do during the discussion)
  5. Group discussions are more easily organized within the LingQ system, and new friends can be found.
  6. With the points system it is more likely that there will be continuity and seriousness on both sides.

However the choice is entirely up to the learner. LingQ is a community of independent learners, learning and helping each other as they see fit.