Ads on LingQ

Since a few days, I see advertisements on LingQ when I am in the Forum (I’ve made a screenshot, but I do not know how to post it).

Is that normal ?

Thanks for your answer !

If you head over to the Account page, you’ll see at the top that the Free membership is ad supported and the paying memberships are ad free.

Thanks Alex for you answer.

But the fact is that, a few days ago, these ads were not here !
Did you change your policy on the number of visible ads for free members ? Or maybe you’ve just reorganized them…

Since a few days, many ads are now visible on the LingQ forum pages, if you are not logged in. I recommend AdBlock.

@ u50623 :
Danke ! :slight_smile:

I was going to suggest AdBlock too. I’d also suggest NoScript and adblockvideo just to be safe (this one avoids annoying video ads on youtube).

We have added ads on many pages on LingQ in the last week which show for free users only. Yes, this is by design. The best way to get rid of the ads is to upgrade your account…

As I pointed out on another recent thread, what is quite amusing about about these ads is that many of them are for rival language learnings sites and products! :smiley:

The ads are not only for free users, but also for paying members who are just not logged in and watch the forum.