Adjusting points on the Exchange

Can we adjust points after posting on The Exchange function?

For example, is it possible to increase points after getting more feedback than I expected, or to reduce points maybe when the feedback isn’t good enough or only non native speakers gave me the feedback?

I love the new look on LingQ. It is beautiful :slight_smile:

@yukiko - Glad to hear you’re liking the new look!

It is only possible to adjust the points reward before any responses are posted, though you can still gift points to members by clicking on their name and clicking “Gift Points” under their avatar.

I see that the exchange system is not functioning as desired as it is possible to request an open writing correction, leave it open for days or weeks so that it accumulates between 15 and 20 responses; then not allocate any points to the correctors and simply delete the request.

This is exactly what has happened three hours ago.

A student who submitted several exchange requests over the past month and who was prompted to close the requests by numerous correctors on several numerous occasions during the last few weeks has just managed to end up deleting all the requests in their entirety a few hours ago.

  1. I am surprised the system lets you delete exchange requests as LingQ has mentioned in the past that once a request has received at least one correction it is not possible to change the total number of points awarded. Extra points can be “gifted” to users of course. While that may be still true, there is a loophole or bug or call it what you will, because earlier today, a user has managed to delete completed requests with many responses from correctors without allocating any points whatsoever.

  2. More importantly, I think this shows that the exchange system is still far too complicated for users, as the student ended up deleting exchange requests which were more than adequately dealt with by numerous correctors purely by mistake. Despite prompting by other users during the last month to allocate points to the correctors, the student was still not able to understand what to do, and upon my prompting a few hours ago to close the requests, ended up just deleting the vast majority of the requests, to all intents and purposes, totally unaware.

Prompt action is required to rectify this for the future.

  1. How do you propose to compensate correctors who have already corrected at least four of the different submissions? Can LingQ reconstitute the history of these deleted posts or has that information vanished forever? It is currently less than three hours ago that this all happened, which means that all the information existed on LingQ servers three hours ago. Is it retrievable?

@2Maria - Please see my response here: