Adjusting points in exchange

I have awarded some points for an exchange, but mistyped, granting 280 instead of 290. Now I can’t grant the remaining 10 points. I can click the ‘award points’ button by the correction, but nothing happens.

@roan - you can head to the member’s profile page and click “Gift points” under his/her avatar image.

I know I can do that, but there are 10 points still ‘attached’ to the exchange request that I can’t do anything with. If I give points that they’ll be taken from my main point balance, right?

Ok, I see now :slight_smile: Then I suggest you edit your submission. Are you able to edit it from the dropdown next to the points available (small arrow)? Click “Edit the submission”, then in the pop-up edit “points award” to 280. Update. The remaining 10 points will be credited you back, and you then can give them to that member if you want. Hope, it will work :slight_smile: