Additional writing exercise

This always happens to me, sometimes I know the meaning of a word when I hear or read it but when I try to write, I can’t remember the correct writing.
I talked about it with one teacher of mine. He said that I could transcribe small texts every day for improve my writing skills.
I started to do this, but it was kinda boring.
Until I found the ‘typeracer’. Like the name suggest, it is a site where you runs against other users online and your typing speed defines the velocity of your car.
This is working for me, I think that at least I’m learning the correct writing of some words.
Not to mention the fact that I’m increasing my typing speed too.


The big question is, does transcribing count towards our LingQ writing targets?

I practice transcribing Russian, 100 or so words at a time, to improve typing and handwriting.

First, what means ‘count towards’? lol
Sorry, I’m not that sure if I realy get it right. If it’s something like ‘instead of’ my answer is no skyblueteapot, I’m mentioned this site only like an additional exercise.
Like you said, transcribe is a good way to improve typing or handwriting, but I think that the capacity of express what you are thinking is more important and one person wont learn how put your thoughts in words only transcribing texts.

see ya.

If you write 100 words, even in your diary or on your fridge door, you can add those 100 words to your LingQ activity scores.