Adding verb lessons


as I’m sure most would agree, learning verbs and how to conjugate them, is an important part of learning a language. However, I don’t believe such lessons exist here, though I personally think that would be useful.

Maybe a lesson per verb to conjugate in I, you, he/she/it, we, you, they, present, past and future.
e.g.: I ride a bike. I rode a bike. I will ride a bike.

These lessons could be spread over the difficulty levels by type of verbs (common/uncommon or irregular verbs) and by time difficulties. (e.g.: I would have ridden a bike. I will have ridden a bike. etc)

Now, I realise this would be a giant endeavour, which is most likely why these lessons do not exist in the first place. Nevertheless, it’s a suggestion as verbs need to be learned anyway.

You can find a lot of the English verbs and different Verb Tenses in my course for the beginners ‘Step by step’ - you can find it in the English library here.
For the Intermediate level I’ve made together with Richard from England the course ‘Phrasal verbs in use’.
Good luck!

I probably should’ve added “for Romanian”. Maybe some languages do have a nice set of courses around verbs, but for Romanian, it seems a bit lacking. But good of you to add such lessons for English though.

You could search youtube for “romanian verbs” .

and use


I’ve used both before and still use that site whenever I need it. I’ve also received a nice grammar pdf from Steve himself, which certainly helps as well. Though I believe having such lessons on this site (for every language, really) would be helpfull.

It’s an idea that could help people like myself. In the meantime, we row with the ores at hand.