Adding tags - fault?

Hi - I have been trying to go through my vocabulary adding tags so that I can group my vocab into certain types of words - i.e. foods, colours, numbers etc…

However, every time I add a tag onto one word, it seems to change or add the same tag to previous words I’ve edited. I have made sure I only have the word I am editing checked in the check box but it still seems to be changing other words randomly.

I would be grateful if someone could have a look - or advise me if there’s a certain way of doing this that I’m missing :slight_smile:


Edited - here’s an image to show what’s happening. The last word I edited was ‘alforrecas’ (Jellyfish). I added the tag ‘nature’. If you look above it has now added the tag ‘nature’ again to the previous word edited 'alfazema (lavender) and also to the words edited before that 'alemas (germans).

Hi LilyUK,
Thanks a lot for letting us know about this bug. I’ll report it right away and we’ll do our best to fix it soon.

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Thanks Zoran :slight_smile:

Tag issue has been fixed now. Thanks for your patience!