Adding optional "hand-written style" Chinese fonts to Lingq

I wonder if we could please add more font options to Lingq.

I do not know if there is such a thing as serif and sans serif for Hanzi, but many Chinese textbooks have Chinese texts written in more “messy” form with less distinction between the strokes and sometimes components at different heights.
Here is an example from the HSK Standard Textbook: The first line is very clear (as it would appear in Lingq), the questions are in a different font and the strokes are sometimes not easily discernible.
I am quite comfortable reading characters after importing the texts into Lingq, but I fail miserably when I try to read the very same text in a textbook.
Could we please integrate such “messy fonts” as optional fonts to Lingq, so that we can actually practice reading real life Chinese texts (e.g. as they appear on Chinese menus).