Adding new words without the vocabulary pop-up window

Is there any way to mark the words that you don’t know ( in yellow ) without going through the process of the pop-up window that calls the dictionary? My intent here is to streamline the addition of unknown words (yellow). Thanks

It is the blue highlighted words that are unknown. The yellow highlight are words that you are trying to learn. I doubt that we will do anything to change how this works.

I often LingQ words that I already know and put something other than the meaning in the Hint box. Often it is an ending. Doing that is relatively painless, at least seems that way to me.

What about the “Add” function? Would that accomplish what you are after?

No. I would like to go and highlight in yellow all the words in the text that I find interesting as I proceed with the reading.

Print them off, and highlight with a highliter pen?

Given the number of known words that you have, there should be fewer and fewer blue or unknown words in your texts. Just go to them and click on them, and instead of bothering with the dictionary definition, just put a “.” in the Hint box and save. You can go back later and add the meaning.

This is the first time we have had this request and so we are not about to make the changes that you would like.

It is something to keep in mind for the future. Thanks.

Sounds good. I will try that. Thanks