Adding new content to someone elses

I was wanting to add in new lessons to the Podcast Francais Facile collection. However, it was originally posted by someone else. Should I start my own under my name to put in new lessons?

The issue is that one of our members obtained permission to use this material. I see that dilemme started the series. I suggest that you contact him on his wall to discuss this. If he agrees, then I see no problem in having two different providers of this content, but you should talk to him first. Thanks.

The one who originally posted it has never responded to me. I tried more than once to get a reply regarding having her add the time for each listen. After no response I finally was giving “editer” privilages and added the time to all of the lessons myself. I don’t know if they aren’t using Lingq anymore or they don’t check their email or maybe they don’t really care.

I seem to remember that we had permission to share some lessons from francais facile but that we don’t have permission to share any more. I could be wrong but it is definitely worth checking with the provider or the site itself.

I have emailed anapaula, who seems to have the greatest number of these lessons in our system.

Hi, I remember that 3 years I had contact with the person responsible of this site and we were allowed to share only a few contents and not all of them. He was very specific on those contents. I just checked the emails we exchanged.

If it end’s up being a “no,” I can still upload for my own personal use correct?

You are correct. Anything can be imported as long as it is not shared. However, when sharing things on the library we want to make sure that permission is given if it’s someone else’s content.

Based on what Marieanne had to say, I think you should just use this content for yourself for the time being.