Adding more known word levels past Advanced 2?

I would like to ask the people at LingQ to consider adding more levels beyond Advanced 2. One of the things that I find really enjoyable is striving to reach the next level on the site. I believe that adding more levels will keep people engaged and encourage them to return to LingQ repeatedly, as it serves as a significant motivator to achieve each level. Furthermore, upon completing the Advanced 2 level in a language, I still do not feel like I am truly advanced, according to my own definition at least. I have a hunch that other LingQ users may share this sentiment as well.
Thank You LingQ for helping me come so far in my language journey I really do owe it to you guys.


+1 would be cool

That’s not in plans at the moment, but thanks for your feedback. Maybe one day!

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they raised the known word requirements which was probably long overdue, but still, Advanced 2 is not any kind of ‘arrival’…i think the idea is that at least there is no longer any categorical class of text which is off limits to you, even if some are harder than others (just as Hegel or Nietzsche is for native Germans…)

What would be nicer for me is more levels of daily streak maintenance–im kind of amazed how low the highest level is, given that most serious polyglots say an hour is a good minimum for a truly ambitious learner–an intermediate reader can get check off the streak with 15 minutes, at least in my experience. Maybe its just because its so heavily prioritized toward adding new words…but even there, it would be nice to have many more levels since silly as it is the streak is a good motivator

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Levels beyond Advanced 2 already exist, and your stats change after you pass them.

However, currently you can only view what the next milestone is from the LingQ API. – Replace DE with your desired language code to view.


Interesting. Thanks Toby. Looking at the results though, it looks like it may be using the old levels as it is showing me to be only 2,059 words to “Advanced 3”. Whereas on the website I think I’m 15,000 or so away currently. Looks like they need to update the api.

There are actually a couple of things with the LingQ site that aren’t obvious.

LingQ actually says you “achieved” a level when you start it. But then awards the badges when you get to the next level.

Then, if you fell below a tier based on the new system, they did not “reevaluate” you based on the new numbers. I’m not 100% sure how this experience will work when you then achieve that next target. My bet is it’ll update you to Advanced 3 and set the number seen in the chart will become Advanced 4, but you can let me know what it does when that happens :)!

Outside the API, this value isn’t visible anywhere on the site so I don’t think they are very concerned about it.


Currently on badges on profile page I’m on Advanced 1. Based on the new levels, I would be Intermediate 2 I think. On my “x until I reach Advanced 2” on the profile page lists 14,000. So presumably for that I’ll get my Advanced 2 in 14,000 words and I’ll just be on Advanced 1 for an extra long time. Maybe I’ll get 2 Advanced 1 badges =).