Adding "Lughatuna" as an Arabic dictionary

Is there a possibility to add Lughatuna (Living Arabic Project) as one of the Arabic dictionaries. It is one of the few dictionaries that have Levantine and other dialects. It would be beneficial to have different links for different dialects (so the Levantine Arabic search would open as one, and MSA as a different option, for example).


@nestori Do you need it for Arabic to English combination? As I can see, it doesn’t support Finnish which is your native language.

That’s right. For Finnish-Levantine we’ll have to wait a little longer.

About the configuration: If it can be done, for me, and for anyone studying Levantine, the best “preset configuration” would be “Dictionary: Levantine, Seach type by: word”.

If someone is using the dictionary for the first time: (this might sound obvious, but) you get the best results when you remove all the diacritics, and if searching for a verb, try to use the root.