Adding Lower Sorbian to LingQ?

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I was wondering, whether Upper Sorbian could be added to LingQ. Sorbian languages - Wikipedia

I could probably find some people who wanna translate and record who is she and the m.inistories and all that. I also discovered that there are radio stations and TV programmes in the language, occasionally with German subtitles.

It’s only spoken by 40000 people or so so I’m not sure whether you guys think it’s “worth it”.


So do you want Upper Sorbian (per your post) or Lower Sorbian (per your headline)?


I was recently in contact with Zoran about the exact requirements of adding a language on lingq, he said that lingq will need 40 mini stories to add a language. Steve has also said in a few of his videos that we (lingq) at will add any language that gets enough resources (40 MS).

So I guess the question is do the people that you are contacting find it “worth the effort”.

As for me, I won’t be leaning Sorbian any time soon as my goal is to master the Romance languages and German by the end of the year. But the more languages there is on lingq the merrier.


I would love to learn Upper Sorbian on LingQ. It has always been a fascinating language for me.

Would be very interesting and worth it just for the simple fact it could possibly keep such a small language alive! Go for it!

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So. should I contacZoran or go ahead and ask around?^^


Hey Paule, I’ll make it easier for you by answering here and saving you some time! :slight_smile:
Basically if we can get 40 Mini Stories translated and recorded into Upper Sorbian we will make it supported language. If you know anyone willing to help with the Mini Stories project, they can contact me on zoran(at) for more details.


It’s Saturday evening, Zoran. Don’t you ever take time off?


Haha I was literally thinking the same.

Haha, sometimes!

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