Adding lesson picture behaves strangely / notifications don't show up

Today I imported two new lessons for Swedish. When adding a lesson picture the square marker for cropping doesn’t show up until I finally click on the image. And when I do it’s askew. Moving it to the far left, over the black outer area (my picture to crop is a book cover), shows the top left corner of the picture and I can then make it bigger.
I appended a screenshot of what it looks like.
This still worked normally on the 9th.
Clearing the cache made no difference. I’m using Chrome but it’s the same in Firefox.

I also noticed yesterday and today that the notification bubble stays grey and 0 even when there’s a new notification there and it should be red and 1. I have not tested this further since I only realized it when I wondered why my Daily LingQs weren’t turning up.

@Deahna Sorry, I’ve just searched for your message and found it here on forum. We had small issue with forum notifications on our tool we use for replying on emails and we didn’t noticed this report. I would like to encourage you to contact us on our support email ( support (at) ) directly when you have bug to report.
I’ll report this issue right away. Thanks for your patience!