Adding languages

sorry if this is a common question but i’m new and can’t find an answer

I see that some people can track more than one language at a time and I can’t figure out how to add another one on my account. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

See LingQ / Joining LingQ: Your questions answered
LingQ / Joining LingQ: Your questions answered

On top of the screen, you should see a white downward-pointing triangle next to the language you are studying. Click on the triangle and you’ll see a list of languages. Switch to whichever language you want to learn.

As soon as you have saved some words or phrases in another language it will show in the statistics on your profile page (and stay there for at least 30 days).

The method of changing languages Cantotango mentions is excruciatingly slow for me (FF 3, Ubuntu): it takes a minute or more. I always go to the Library and edit the URL to the new language (ja>de, to go from Japanese to German for example) which is quick as a flash.

Dooo, thanks, that’s a really good idea.

It doesn’t take that long for me on FF 3…

@ YukataM and dooo: Thanks, that went straight into my Hints & Tips folder.
@ Blindside70: I knew you were one of the fast ones on LingQ…