Adding a previously lingq that I deleted

I have a problem adding a previous lingq that I deleted. Specifically, I originally added this phrase “cuesta un poquito”. I then decided that I wanted to add the more complete phrase “cuesta un poquito de más trabajo”. However, when I delete the original phrase, I am not longer able to highlight any part of that original phrase to add it again as a link. When I highlight the original phrase it just does nothing. When I highlight the new longer phrase, it will show that I highlighted it, but the lingq box doesn’t appear so I can’t edit/add it. Am I doing something wrong?

Got a simple workaround, when I refresh the page I am now allowed to highlight it and add it as a lingq!

That’s it. I think you could avoid refreshing the page by not deleting the first LingQ you made and just LingQing “over” it. Anyway I think they are aware of these issues.