Adding a phrase unrelated to a lesson to vocabulary

New French student. In the vocabulary section an occasional phrase appears next to some words. Some are linqed to lessons and also appear in a separate listing in the phrase vocabulary, while others are just showing up with no chance of review, I assume to show context.
Is there a way to create a phrase and link it to the vocabulary review without reference to a reading so that the phrase itself becomes part of the review? I realize translations can be found outside for acquired phrases, but it struck me that I was missing the real meaning of some words, i.e. pouvoir, to be able to, which in the context of its use in one lesson was having the power to influence one’s associates. I’d never thought of an ability in that way.
It made an impression, seeing how something in another language through better understanding can literally bring power to one’s writing, and why in learning a new language phrases are where it’s at.

You can use Import Vocabulary feature and manually import phrases. That will add them to a list on the Vocabulary tab and you will be able to review them. Is that what you need?