Adding a lesson from a PDF to a course I have created

Is there a way to create a lesson from a PDF in a course I have already created?

I have created a course in which I have been adding lessons over time. I have a PDF that I want to use to create a new lesson within that course. But the only way I can see to add a PDF is to “import an eBook.”

But when I use that feature it automatically generates the content as a new course. I am not given an option to add this content to an existing course in my account.

Am I missing something?

That’s not possible at the moment. If you are importing an ebook, it will always be added as new course.
Thanks @Mycroft for your suggestion, changing the name of PDF file does do the job!

There are at least three ways to do it.

One way is to copy and paste text from the PDF to the lesson. Or if you want paragraph breaks, you can copy into word, make the paragraph spacing that you want and then copy and paste the text from there into the lesson. For some reason, when you have added spacing after a paragraph in Word, when you copy and paste the text from Word, then the space carries over.

Another way is to import the “ebook” and then change the “course” to the one that you want.

Probably the best way for you would be to change the name of the PDF to be the same as the “course” in which you want to add it. Then when you add it as an ebook, it’s added as the next lesson in the course.

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