Add YouTube Video Without Import Plugin

I would like to add a YouTube video to an existing lesson, rather than use the plugin to import a video; I find myself wanting to do this especially when a video does not have subtitles in the primary language but I already have the text in LingQ. Is there a way to do this? I try adding it in the description or audio link but have had no luck. I would prefer not to go through the trouble of logging into YouTube and requesting to subtitle videos in order to simply add a YouTube video to one of my existing lessons.

Thank you for your time!

I found it. In “Edit Lesson” go to the “Resources” tab, click the drop-down menu that says “Lesson Notes” and select “Videos”, a new box appears and there you can paste the YouTube video URL that the YouTube share function provides. The language selection next to the drop-down box seems to have some impact on the input, so I selected the target language that the video corresponded to. Lastly, you must return to the “Title & Text” tab and click “Save” or “Save & Open” in order to save your changes.

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