Add dictionary for greek -> french

I would like to ask the Lingq team to add the Glosbe dictionary for greek to french in Lingq

I think this would be a very useful addition to the available dictionaries

Kind regards

Thanks for your suggestion. I have just added it.

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Could we also have Glosbe English <-> Greek? I’m pretty new to LingQ, but I’m already bouncing back and forth. Thanks for the consideration!

Sure thing, added. :slight_smile:

Thank you! It turned out to be pilot error, I was bouncing back and forth because when I was setting up my account and was asked which dictionary I wanted to install, I assumed incorrectly that it was the dictionary for the language I’m learning (Greek) rather than my native language (English), and so all the translations were in Greek. I was running over to Glosbe to find and type in definitions. Not a bad study technique, but once I swapped the dictionary from Greek to English everything started working correctly. Happy to have Glosbe nevertheless!

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